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After qualifying as a Soft Tissue Therapist with the Oxford School of Sports Massage in 2016, I have since also qualified as a Pilates instructor and also am extremely proud of my qualification with UK Hypopressives to teach their technique for improving posture, pelvic floor dysfunction and core strength. 


My approach will be individual to you and your needs, but is likely to be a combination of hands-on manual therapy with Pilates and other exercise work that you are confident to repeat at home. This will ensure the benefits of each session are maintained for longer, and future injuries or relapses into pain are avoided wherever possible.

My own story involves a 20 year career in IT, a busy home with a young toddler son. My husband is a dance teacher in Henley and we both enjoy competing and dancing together. 


Soft Tissue Therapy, Pilates and Hypopressives

Help yourself heal from pain or pelvic floor dysfunction

Highly qualified and experienced soft tissue therapist. Fully insured and registered with the Institute for Sport and Remedial Massage (ISRM) and the Association for Soft Tissue Therapists (SMA)

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My Services

Individual one to one sessions and classes

Your treatment plan can be individually tailored to combine any or all of the following services to ensure each session is the most effective way to reach your goals

Injury Rehabilitation

Child Physiotherapy

Recover stronger and faster; frozen shoulder, strains, sprains and more

Recovery from injury or post operation can be a slow and lonely journey if you do not have the right support to ensure your body heals effectively and regains the strength it has lost. A combination of soft tissue techniques and correctly paced and monitored rehabilitation work will be necessary to get you back to where you need to be, along with a caring and supportive ear who understands how frustrating this period can be.

Clinical Sport and Remedial Massage

Sports massage on leg

Pain relief from postural issues or repetitive strain injury

Our everyday lives are full of activities which wreak havoc on our posture; sitting at a desk for hours, long distance travel and prolonged use of laptops, smart phones and tablets. This lifestyle easily leads to a host of problems such as neck pain, tension and headaches, lower back pain and RSI. I can help to relieve these issues and show you what you can do to prevent them from returning longer term.



Core strength and posture rehabilitation

Improve your posture to relieve pain and increase speed and endurance for sports performance. I offer one to one tuition and run small Clinical Pilates classes in the local area. Contact me for more information on the current class timetable.


Woman doing abdominal hypopressives indo

Restore your pelvic floor and posture

The hypopressive technique uses a combination of breathing and postural work. It is used extensively across mainland Europe as a post natal rehabilitation programme for new mums. Clients trained to use the technique correctly report huge improvements in common pelvic floor issues such as stress and urge incontinence, diastasis recti and prolapse.

Maintenance Massage

Back Massage

Regular bodywork to keep you in great condition

Investing in your own health is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The health benefits of a regular massage range from better circulation, lower blood pressure, improved muscle conditioning all the way to a better state of mind. I offer significant discounts for regular maintenance packages to encourage as many people as possible to look after number one!

Clinical Pilates Classes

Shoulder stand in yoga class

Small group sessions limited to 8 participants

My group classes are deliberately kept very small to ensure every participant gets the attention and individual care that they need to focus on their own goals and needs. The classes are very hands-on, with my eyes kept firmly on everyone to make any adjustments to posture and technique.


Price List

Gift vouchers available

Soft Tissue Therapy - 30 mins


Suitable for ongoing treatment and follow ups, regular maintenance or treatment of a minor injury or specific body part

Soft Tissue Therapy - 60 mins


Your session will begin with a quick assessment followed by a tailored treatment based on your needs.

Pilates one to one session


If you're looking to get the most out of your Pilates classes then some one to one sessions to really understand and engage the muscles is essential to make the best improvements in your practice. One to one sessions enable every exercise to be tailored to your individual needs and ability.

Hypopressives tuition


Individual hypopressives one to one sessions usually last 60 - 90 mins. Usually around 3 to 4 sessions are required to teach the whole flow. A 10% discount is available for purchasing 4 sessions in advance. I am also happy for you to share the sessions with a friend so you can split the cost.



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226 Henley Road Reading United Kingdom RG4 6LR


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